The management of all hosting-related aspects is done using a tool referred to as ‘Control Panel’. There are numerous brand names which provide more or less functions, but generally speaking, they all enable you to manage site files, to set up e-mail addresses and databases, to look at account usage statistics or what amount of traffic your website visitors have generated. You can perform these actions via buttons and menus, and you'll feel like you’re managing your own laptop or computer. The billing part is usually managed via a separate system, which can include domain name registrations as well - if the company offers this type of services. In some cases, trouble tickets may be opened viaexactly the same system, while in others, this could be executed using a different support interface, so you might end up employing three user interfaces with a single web hosting account.
Multilingual Control Panel in Cloud Hosting
The cloud plans that we offer you feature our custom-made Hepsia Control Panel. We've taken into consideration the feedback we have received over the years, so we've built an intuitive, all-in-one software instrument that'll offer you total control over every aspect of your world-wide web presence. Right-click context menus will give you access to many features and will make you feel like you’re working with your computer. You could also handle renewal payments, upgrades, domain name registrations and support tickets from the exact same spot, so you'll not need to log into different systems. All the sections include a large number of help articles and video lessons, that'll offer you more info about all the functions you can use. Hepsia also comes in several languages, including French, Spanish, German, Chinese and Russian, and you could pick from among different templates, not to mention that you can rearrange the different sections for your convenience. This way, you could customize the Control Panel and use it in your chosen language.