Having complete control of your domain names is something quite necessary and being able to access and edit the DNS records for every one of them is among the things you should look for when you search for a registration or a cloud hosting provider. You might have heard of the so-called “name servers” that show where a domain address is hosted, but below them there is a whole set of records, like the A record, which is the IP address of the server hosting the site, and the MX records, which show the server that manages the e-mails for a specific domain. These records are employed if you'd like to have your site with one provider and the emails with another, as an illustration. You may also use a domain for a non-website service or direct the traffic to it using special records. Many companies ask for an additional fee to provide access to edit particular DNS records besides the name servers.
Full DNS Management in Cloud Hosting
With every cloud plan which we offer you are able to set up, delete or change any DNS record for any domain address or subdomain hosted within your account easily. The Hepsia CP we provide with the shared accounts comes with a simple and intuitive tool that will allow you to see all current records and create new ones with only a few clicks. You are going to be able to set up A, MX, CNAME, TXT, SRV and AAAA records, that will offer you total control over your domain addresses along with the opportunity to pick the company that will provide you with a given service. For example, if your website is on our sophisticated cloud platform, it will need a couple of clicks to point your e-mail to be managed by a different provider. Unlike other registrar and hosting companies, we do not charge an extra fee to provide you the DNS management service.